Shared New Media

Digital Narratives: Crafting Engaging Visuals That Inspire

Welcome to my design portfolio, where each piece showcases a unique ability to blend creativity with functionality. Here, I focus on crafting striking visuals for a wide range of digital content, including web pages, emails, social media, apps, and other digital products. (My designs are more than just aesthetically pleasing—they're created to inspire action and foster a memorable connection with your audience) Explore how I can transform your digital narrative into an engaging masterpiece.

Coca Cola: Fuze Iced Tea

Managing campaign production of WordPress and Drupal sites.

W2W Sport (Olympic flooring)

Crafting professional impressions with distinctive email signatures for an olympics flooring company.

Global Business Travel Association Expo

Custom-designing animated lower thirds for the jumbotron, designing to keep the crowd engaged and informed.

Build of interactive physician site on Webflow using Relume components.

Dr. Jay's Relief by Robert J. Joseph, DPM

Building a brand on the Shopify platform.

Paul Budget Tree Trimming in Philadelphia

Developed a bespoke Webflow website for Paul's Budget, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Fuze Iced Tea + Subway Partnership

Dynamic advertising campaign for the Subway app to enhance user acquisition and engagement.

Mondo + W2W Sport

Launched a captivating mini-website dedicated to showcasing the Olympic Floor company's involvement in crafting high-quality, performance-driven flooring solutions for prestigious Olympic events.

Traditional Mass Media

One-to-Many and Traditional

Designing print collateral, flyers, publications, posters, magazines, and direct mail to acquire tangible results.

Persuasive Messaging

Resonating With Social Narratives

Drawing upon my deep understanding of persuasive messaging, I craft campaigns designed to resonate powerfully within the sphere of social narratives. Distilling complex ideas into compelling, easy-to-digest content, I funneled my creative efforts into an array of direct marketing materials - from intricately designed postcards that catch the eye and spark curiosity, to meticulously laid-out email and direct messaging systems templates that guide the reader on a journey.

Promotional Partnerships

Forging Influential Partnerships for Unprecedented Audience Reach

Unlock the full potential of the brand by joining forces with leading retailers, agencies, ad networks, and publishers. Blend a strategic partnership approach and digital prowess with traditional channels, reaching a wider audience that deeply resonates with the target market.

Supercharged Tools

Turbocharge Your Business: Power, Speed, and Efficiency

Join a world where efficiency meets innovation by harnessing the capabilities of Sales Force Cloud, Marketing 360, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Creative Suite. Integrating these supercharged tools to work seamlessly across multiple teams, enabling the creation of high-impact media alongside widespread news and content, traditional online platforms, and shared media spaces operating at maximum efficiency.